Direct Breather


Direct Breather is a black Nylon (8mm) 3-dimensional drainage, ventilation, and turf reinforcement underlayment. It is produced from an extruded polymer matrix of tangled monofilaments, which are heat-welded at the junctions to form a structure that spaces roofing and siding materials from the sheathing.

The product is designed to create a continuous airspace for ventilation and drainage that prevents moisture issues. Direct Breather is extremely flexible and conforms to any contoured surface or roofing material (cedar, metal, tile, etc.) and is perfect for residential and commercial applications.

  • Fire Resistant.
  • Drainage of excess moisture and ventilation in one product.
  • Creates an open structure for heat reduction between roofing & sheathing.
  • Reduces sound transmission through panels.
  • Polymer core resistant to most known corrosive chemicals, including solvents.
  • Core absorbs and releases no moisture.
  • Provides no source for the promotion of MOLD, MILDEW or BACTERIA
  • Prolongs life of membrane and roof structure.
  • Simple installation with a mechanical staple hammer.
  • Lightweight, easy to install and handle.
  • Bends and conforms to any type of contoured roof.
  • 75% greater air flow compared to competitive products.
  • Contributes to LEED points.

Install plywood roof sheathing onto rafters. Install roofing felt or ice dam protection membrane over sheathing. Check local codes and manufacturer’s recommendations for specific requirements.

Install Direct Breather over roofing felt, ice protection membrane, and metal edge flashing or drip edge. Ensure Direct Breather material is installed flush against edge of the flashing or drip edge. Carefully trim the Direct Breeder material at all penetrations with a utility knife or scissors.

When installing metal or cedar shingles material, unroll Direct Breather horizontally just ahead of the shingles as they are installed. Tack or nail Direct Breader in place every three-square foot. Do not overlap the Direct Breather material. Butt each course tightly against the previous course and at vertical seams.

When installing vertical metal roofing panels, unroll Direct Breather vertically from ridge to eave just ahead of the metal panels as they are installed. Tack or nail Direct Breather in place every three- square foot. Do not overlap the Direct Breather material. Butt each course tightly against the previous course and at vertical seams.

At ridge locations, extend Direct Breather material over the ridge and butt against the material on the opposite side of the roof. If a ridge vent is utilized, follow the ridge vent manufacturer’s recommendations for underlayment material installation.

Apply roofing materials using manufacturer’s recommended fasteners and instructions, allowing or the additional thickness of the Direct Breather material.

Protect installed roof ventilation mats from damage during construction.


Direct Metal Roll Forming is committed to manufacturing and supplying high-quality metal roofing, siding and cladding. Resulting in superior products that are backed by a 50-year Warranty. Each system is unique and innovative giving projects a distinctive look. Options include Direct-Lok Roofing Panel and Standing Seam. Direct Metal Roll Forming proudly manufactures metal roofing and cladding in Greater Vancouver, Okanagan Valley and Vancouver Island Canada.

We share our industry knowledge and expertise to the benefits of customer retailers and installers. Providing them with support and training to supply complete roofing, siding and cladding systems. Direct Metal Roll Forming’s strength relies on our ability to know which materials will look good and function best in various building applications and climate conditions. We are also assisting architects and engineers in finding the right products for their specific building requirements.

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