On Site Metal Roll-Forming

When we began installing metal roofing 2 decades ago, we started with panels that were manufactured elsewhere and shipped to us. Quickly we found out that there are a number of problems with the supply chain involved with pre-formed panels. Typically it is difficult to get a good quality product.

The gauge of the steel is usually light (26-30 gauge), the paint finishes are inferior, and the fastening systems and seams are less water tight (snap-lock style). This year, we were able to purchase our first roll-forming machine. Once we were able to make our own panels, we were able to buy stock in coil form directly from the core supplier.

Advantage of On Site Metal Roll Forming

Because we roll-form our own panels, we are able to customize panels for all situations. We can make a roof that fits your house with the appropriate details in each location and transition, and if we make a mistake, we can bend a new one instead of have to wait for a new order.

By manufacturing our roof’s, we bring that work home, to our local economy, as opposed to having them made elsewhere. This is worth a LEED POINT in the green building industry because it is more efficient and consumes less energy and fuel to the offsite system.

Most importantly, by manufacturing our own panels and roofing system tailored to your project, we control the end quality of your roof!

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