Materials & Installation

Direct Metal & Roofing Supplies specializes in carrying and providing all of the necessary materials and elements to complete your roofing project. From shingles to underlayment, vents, skylights, flashings, tools and other accessories, we have it all.

With over 20 years of buying experience and over 30 years of industry experience, we have dedicated ourselves to providing excellence in all we sell and have to offer. Our showroom and warehouse are located in Abbotsford, and allow us to stock all of our materials to have them readily available for immediate pick-up or delivery. Our vast line of inventory makes shopping at Direct Metal Sales & Installation convenient and simple.

Our showroom caters to our installer customer base, as well as homeowners and DIY customers.

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Metal Roof Materials

Metal roofing materials are made primarily from aluminum and steel. Some utilize other materials, such as copper and alloys; these tend to cost much more.

Steel and aluminum are by far the most common and sensible of available roofing materials because they are economical, hold paint finishes well (steel can be galvanized), and are durable. Aluminum is a relatively soft metal, so it is more prone to denting and damage and it is also more expensive than steel. On the flip side, aluminum won’t corrode the way steel can if the finish is compromised.

Metal Panel Roofing

The most familiar pattern of panel-style metal roofing, “standing-seam roofing,” has raised ribs every 6 or 12 inches and is applied vertically on a roof and doesn’t attempt to look like anything other than what it is: metal roofing. It has a decidedly commercial look that is favoured by architects for its honest, clean, contemporary appearance.