Sikalastic Metal Roof Coatings

Sikalastic Metal Roof Coatings

The Sikalastic® range of coatings are a single component, cold-applied, moisture-triggered liquid waterproofing membrane that cures to form a seamless, durable and weather resistant waterproofing solution for exposed roof areas. The products have all the inherent advantages of using liquid membranes as well as offering the benefit of being a cost effective alternative to other options available in the market.

The lifetime of a plastisol coated steel sheet may be defined as the time it takes to reach the stage where re-coating is necessary to preserve its performance or aesthetics, and can be predicted using manufacturers’ projected performance data. The underlying substrate can be seen when the plastisol coating starts to crack , fade or delaminate. On smooth finish coatings it will starts to blister and spot corrode.

The coating of profiled sheet roofs, in order to extend the waterproofing life of such structures, has long been within the realms of the liquid roof waterproofing industry. Sikalastic®  is a seamless coating that provides guaranteed waterproof protection as well as an aesthetically pleasing finish for metal profiled roofs.


Sikalastic coating incorporates technology that allows the material to use atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process. This means that the waterproofing membranes are capable of curing in a wide range of conditions, making them ideal for use in the unpredictable Vancouver climate. Unlike traditional polyurethane systems they do not release CO2, which can cause gassing, and application is not delayed by adverse weather which means roofing works are not slowed down.


The Sikalastic coating is completely cold applied so there is no requirement for any heat or naked flame on the roof. This means the risk of fire due to roof works is completely eliminated and works can be safely carried out whilst the building is occupied. An additional benefit is that insurance premiums for the roofing contractors working on site are reduced and there is no need for a fire watch at the end of the day.


The Sikalastic coating has been developed to provide a cost effective solution for waterproofing ageing roofs. Subject to the condition of the roof, the Sikalastic® membrane can be applied to the existing waterproofing, which can mean no stripping off of the old material. This gives a double saving both via time saved on site and the cost of disposing of the existing waterproofing, normally to landfill.