Royal Grip – Syntactic

Royal Grip - Syntactic

Royal Grip – NWTM is 100% synthetic roofing underlayment designed for 15lb asphalt felt replacement. Offering: traction for working surface on roofs, high tear strength as compare to 15Lb felt, can be used for commercial and residential installations, using recommended fasteners and is an ideal underlayment for asphalt shingles. It is also easy to install having a helpful pre-printed layout for fasteners and overlap lines. Royal Grip – NWTM is designed for value added performance to compete with 15lb felt which is the best choice for next asphalt shingle roof.

ROYAL GRIP – NW™ Features

25 Times Stronger than regular Type 15 felt, when installed as directed in the installation instructions.
Resistant to tearing and stretching around fasteners; during high winds or in high traffic areas.
Skid-resistant polymer coating provides traction and a safer working surface.
100% Recyclable material, manufactured from recyclable material
More effective and lighter in comparison to regular Type 15lb felt.
Low temperature flexibility
Won’t crack, buckle or warp: Royal Grip – NW™ with its lay-flat and water repellent keeps Royal Grip – NW™ from warping, wrinkling and cracking in cold weather.
Royal Grip – NW™ is a synthetic product that will support no – mold, no oil leaching and has no hazardous properties
Enhanced UV Resistant
Pre- printed nailing pattern and overlap lines for speedy installation