Air, Water & Vapor Barrier For Use Under: Metal, Tile, Shake, Slate, Composition and Asphalt Shingles Ice Damming and Severe Weather protection at High and Low temperature.

Royal Shield-SA-HT™ is high temperature performance, strongest, most reliable and best performing synthetic self-adhering roof underlayment. Royal Shield-SA-HT™ delivers a unique combination of both high temperature (250°F / 121°C) flow resistance and low temperature (40°F / 4.4°C) deck adhesion, does not require priming at low temperature and remains stable at extreme temperatures. It meets or exceeds code requirements and industry standards, offers best walkable rough blue woven fabric surface with six months UV exposure rating and 30 years limited warranty which makes Royal Shield-SA-HT™ an ideal self-adhering underlayment for commercial and residential projects subject to ice-damming and severe weather.

2 Square Roll – 3 Ft. x 66.7 Ft. – 45 Lbs./Roll


Royal Shield-SA-HT™ is intended to be a secondary layer of protection; it must be covered with primary roofing system like Concrete or Clay Tile, Asphalt Shingles or Metal Roofing;

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the installation of Royal Shield-SA-HT™ contact your supplier or local sales representative; Royal Shield-SA-HT™ shall be installed by qualified, experienced installers adhering to WSBC and OSHA regulations; Synthetic outside surface may become slippery due to moisture, dust, debris or other conditions, which affect the level of surface friction. Always use caution and proper safety equipment when installing Royal Shield-SA-HT™; failure to comply with safety regulations can result in serious injury or death.

Before You Install Royal Shield-SA-HT™

Ensure strapping or roof deck is fastened in accordance with local Building Code requirements and all preparatory work has been completed and is safe; Confirm the support structure is clean, smooth and free of obstructions, that there is no bowing, warps, delamination, or separation from rafters, trusses, or support structure. Make necessary repairs to the roof deck prior to installing Royal Shield-SA-HT™; For use on roof decks other than plywood, wood composition, wood plank, metal, concrete or gypsum sheathing please contact our technical team or the installer is responsible to determine acceptable substrate surface and whether priming is required so that Royal Shield-SA-HT™ will stay adhered to that substrate.

Before You Install Royal Shield-SA-HT™


Royal Shield-SA-HT™ must be installed above properly ventilated space (follow all building codes applicable to your region and structure type) as it is considered a vapor barrier (.1 perms).

Royal Shield-SA-HT™ should be installed on a dry and moisture free deck in dry weather when air, membrane and the substrate is at temperature above 40°F (4.4°C) and there is no possibility of frost on the roof deck.

Installation of Royal Shield-SA-HT™ membrane occurs when the release film is removed and the self–adhesive underside is laid onto the approved substrate using applied pressure. Royal Shield-SA-HT™ is to be laid out horizontally (parallel) to the eave with the printed side up, using 3″ horizontal laps and 6″ vertical laps as it is manufactured with a 3 inch horizontal edge on each side this will be used on a lengthwise overlap when being installed. For vertical laps, use a 6 inch (152mm) overlap, except in ice damming applications, use a 12 in (305mm) overlap. Starting at the low point, and with salvage edge at the high point, position horizontally a full roll or cut the membrane into 10–15 ft. (3–5m) lengths and re–roll loosely. Peel back 1–2 ft. (300–600mm) of release film, align the membrane, and continue to peel the release film from the membrane. Press the membrane in place with heavy hand pressure. Apply uniform pressure to the membrane roll side and end laps to insure water tightness and bonding to the substrate.