Alpha30™ is next generation premium hybrid roof underlayment that uses advanced technology which combines the values of traditional 30 lb Felt with the performance of synthetic underpayments. Alpha30™ is designed to act as secondary protection to shed water off the roof of your house or building.

  • Excellent Performance & Durability
  • 180 Days UV Protection
  • Nail Sealable
  • 30 Year Limited Warranty
  • Non-Skid Surface Provides Walk ability for Slope Up to 10/12 (Wet or Dry)
  • Lays Flat , Wrinkle Free even when Wet
  • Algae , Fungi & Mold Resistance
  • Use in High Wind Areas where Other Products Blow Off
  • Temperature Range (-40′ F to 240’F)



Before you install Alpha30™:

Ensure strapping or roof deck is fastened in accordance with local Building Code requirements and all preparatory work has been completed and is safe;

Confirm the support structure is clean, smooth and free of obstructions, that there is no bowing, warps, delamination, or separation from rafters, trusses, or support structure. Alpha30™ shall be installed using only compatible materials and as specified in these instructions;

Alpha30™ is an underlayment and is intended to be a second layer of protection; for use with Asphalt Shingles, Metal, Tile, Wood Shingles or Composite

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the installation of Alpha30™ contact your supplier or local sales representative;

Alpha30™ shall be installed by qualified, experienced installers adhering to WSBC and OSHA regulations; Synthetic underlayment may become slippery due to moisture, dust, debris or other conditions, which affect the level of surface friction. Always use caution and proper safety equipment when installing Alpha30™; failure to comply with safety regulations can result in serious injury or death.

Installation Instructions:

Alpha30™ Synthetic Roofing Underlayment is a high performance, secondary layer, approved for installation beneath asphalt shingles, metal and concrete tile steep-slope roofing systems.

Proper roof ventilation, as specified in local building codes and roof-system warranty guides is required as part of the installation of Alpha30™.

Alpha30™ is installed horizontally, parallel to the eaves, with the printed side showing and overlapped to shed water. Minimum Overlaps: 6” for vertical overlaps and 4” for horizontal overlaps.

For use on low slope roofs defined as slopes pitched at (Inches Vertical: Inches Horizontal) 2:12 – 4:12 or 17% – 33%: Alpha30™ Underlayment must be half lapped.

Alpha30™ shall be securely fastened with corrosion resistant ring shanked 3/8″ headed roofing nails or 1″ plastic cap nails driven by hand or pneumatically.

Fastening patterns are indicated on the underlayment. Fasteners shall be driven perpendicular to the roof deck. Ensure fasteners are not over or under driven. Fasteners shall be spaced @ 12” o.c. (on center) in the center of the vertical and horizontal overlaps. The remaining area shall be fastened @ 12” o.c. vertically and @ 24” o.c. horizontally.

Alpha30™ should not be exposed to ultra violet radiation for an indefinite period of time; the final roof system should be installed within 180 days. For expected prolonged exposure or in areas having high winds overlapping and fastening shall be doubled. Overlap shall be increased to 8” horizontal and 12” vertical. Underlayment shall be fastened @ 6” o.c. vertical and center laps and @ 12” horizontal throughout the field. Alternatively an approved sealant may be used between the lap and overlapping segments or two-sided adhesive seam tape.